VIRGO a little history

VIRGO is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second sign to have a human repre­sentation rather than an animal one. Virgo is often depicted as a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat, for the constellation of Virgo has always been associated with the harvest. Babylonians called the constellation The Furrow, and it was represented by a corn-goddess. The most promi­nent star in Virgo is named Spica, meaning Ear of Corn. The legend of Virgo is found in the Greek myth of Creation. The story goes that before men or animals lived on earth, a race of giants, called titans, ruled the world. Two titan brothers, Prome­theus and Epimetheus, were given the task of creating human beings and animals. When this was done, Epimetheus set about giving various gifts to the animals-wings to one kind, claws to another, etc. He was so generous that when it came time to dispense something to mankind, he had nothing left to give, so he asked Prometheus for help. Prometheus went into heaven and came back with the gift of fire. This made man superior to other species, for with fire he could keep warm,make tools, and eventually develop commerce and science.Jupiter, chief of gods, became so angry at the gods's secret of fire being given to man that he bound Prometheus to a rock on Mount Caucasus where an eagle constantly tore at his liver, though never entirely consuming it. He also sent a curse to earth-brought by the first woman. Her name was Pandora, meaning "a gift of all the gods." Pandora brought with her a box, which she was told never to open. One day, seized with curiosity, she lifted the lid of the box. Out sprang terrible plagues to haunt mankind forever after: sickness and death for the body; anger, envy, and revenge for the mind. At the bottom of the box lay the one thing that had not escaped, hope.During the terrible times that followed, the gods deserted earth one by one and went to live in heaven. The very last to leave was Astraea, goddess of innocence and purity. After leaving the earth, Astraea was placed among the stars and became the constellation of Virgo. The legend is that one day the Golden Age will come again, and that Astraea (Virgo) will return to earth.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

DUALITY Feminine



Virgo is reserved, modest, practical, discriminating and industrious, analytical and painstaking seeking to know and understand. .

RULING PLANET Mercury: Ancient god of communication and commerce. In astrology, Mer­cury rules intelligence and reason, and predisposes toward a high-strung temperament.

SYMBOL The Virgin: Representing purity, modesty, industriousness, service to fellow workers.

GLYPH (WRITTEN SYMBOL) The symbol represents a Virgin, for it is a pictograph of the human reproductive organs closed and untouched. In symbolic terms, the glyph is a straight line connected to two curved lines, one of which is crossed. This represents wisdom tied to feeling and emotion, and crossed by practicality.



Virgo is the sign of work and self-improvement. Its natives are perfectionists who dissect facts in order to find the truth and obtain all the information available. Pisces, Virgo's opposite sign, is the sign of illusion and self-deception. Pisceans are prone to dreaminess, vagueness, self-delusion, and escapism.

PART OF THE BODY RULED BY VIRGO The nervous system and the intestines: Virgoans are prone to illness caused by stress and nervous tension. They are particularly susceptible to ulcers.

LUCKY DAY Wednesday


MAGICAL BIRTHSTONE Sapphire: Brings tranquility of mind and protects against illness and injury while traveling.

SPECIAL COLORS Navy Blue and Gray: Classic colors of refinement and taste.

CITIES Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Los Angeles

COUNTRIES Turkey, Greece, Crete, West Indies, Iran

FLOWERS Morning glory and Roses

TREES Nut-bearing trees

METAL Mercury

ANIMALS RULED BY VIRGO Small domestic pets

DANGER Virgo people sometimes arouse anger and violence in others because of their tendency to interfere, their critical tongues, and unemotional attitudes.

Your most likeable trait: CONSCIENTIOUSNESS


hardnsour said...

ii hot now thats a virgo

hardnsour said...

ii hot now thats a virgo

Tionne Miller said...

I'm like that

Summer Britton said...

Sounds right :/

Rahul Ramteke said...

Hello Friends , I am a Virgo Person. I was in Love with a Cancerian. We were Best Friends for 5 years. I Fell in Love with that Person. But Now "The Love of my Life" is in Love with Someone Else. It terribly Hurts me. But I also Want The Person I Love to Be Happy , Maybe Even More than Me. So I'm Leaving this World , I am Dying by Drowning Myself , Bye Everyone

Barbie Chiu said...

Anger is the most difficult and hard emotion to handle thus it is very manageable. As a person it is normal so do not be hesitant.